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Education and Courses

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The Commander's Intent 2015 outlines CAF's priorities for Air Force. Two of the six priorities are specifically related to learning, one of those being to 'Fully understand, and be able to cogently explain, as an organisation and individuals, air power and its vital role in national security and the joint team'. 

The 'Chief of Air Force Intent for Learning in a Fifth Generation Air Force' outlines CAF's expectations of how Air Force, both as an organisation and as individual members, will approach learning. 

The APDC Education Section manages and conducts five air power courses, two of which are face to face and three are distance courses conducted online via the Moodle student learning system.

Face to Face courses

The APDC Education Section can tailor air power professional development packages to your unit’s needs. We can either provide existing professional development products or can custom produce what you need. Please contact us  to discuss your unit’s professional development requirements.

Online courses

The significant advantage of the online courses is that they can be completed by students in their own time on any home computer. 

Course schedule

Course dates for 2018 can be found here.

PhD by Portfolio

Recently Deakin University began to offering a Doctor of Philosophy by Folio program. This program is designed for senior Defence leaders and is focused on professional capabilty development. For more information on this course please read the associated DEFGRAM  316/2017.